How do I apply?

Our interviewers are located all over South Africa. Apply now and they will get in touch with you.

Step 1: Complete the application form under "apply now" to arrange your Interview.

Contact us / or one of our interviewers in your region and book a date & time for your job interview if:

• You are between 19-29 years old and mature.
• You speak and understand English well. 
• You have some work experience.
• You own or have applied for a valid South African passport.
• You don’t use any drugs and don’t have an addiction to alcohol.
• You’re not scared to work hard and get your hands dirty.
• You want to work, travel and have some fun in America.
• You’re independent, adventurous and want to see the world.

Step 2: Interview

After your 45 minute face to face job interview, you’ll be notified within 10 to 15 working days on whether your job application was successful or not and what the next step will be.

Step 3: Make your Visa appointment payment

Once and if you’re approved by us, your first Visa appointment payment of $205 (approx. R4000) will be payable, where after the process can start for you. Once this is done, we know you are committed and we can proceed.

Step 4: Attend Orientation - Sign Agreement

You will need to attend a compulsory orientation session to prepare you for your job, flight and the various rules you need to adhere to in America, during your contract period there. This orientation is a cool and informative session and an important tool for you to make the most of your overseas work contract. You will also be signing a recruitment agreement with us.

Step 5: Consulate Appointment

We will book your consulate appointment so you can "apply and obtain" your work visa, right after the US consulate has approved your work visa.  We will help prepare you for this.  Once you’ve received your visa you are  "A FOR AWAY"  so go and pack your bags !!

Step 6: Travel Insurance

Choose optional Travel Insurance to suit your pocket and expectations.

Step 7: Fly

Most of our groups depart from JHB where your working adventure in the United States starts.
Groups usually leave from February but also March, and April.