Work for the biggest Carnival in the world !

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Work for the biggest Carnival in the world !

Work in America, or Canada !

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Work in America, or Canada !

Face to face interviews, countrywide

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Face to face interviews, countrywide

Job Interviews country wide, also near you !

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Job Interviews country wide, also near you !

Proudly, Jobs Abroad !

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Proudly, Jobs Abroad !

Jobs abroad in America or Canada !

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Jobs abroad in America or Canada !

19 to 29 and drug free ?

Do you speak English. Are you not scared of hard work with long hours ?

19 to 29 and drug free ?

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 English Language

Travelling and working around the world, particularly to America, is often just a dream for many young South Africans, especially as our currency is weak against many other currencies worldwide and we require visas to travel pretty much anywhere. But all is not lost because opportunities abound for the adventurous young person who wants to travel abroad and work while they do so.

Places like A way to explore and Jobs Abroad, based in Midrand in Gauteng offer healthy adventurous South Africans between the ages of 18 and 28, the opportunity to work and travel in America by sending them on jobs with the Carnivals and Amusement Parks. It is an adventure of a lifetime but it is not for the faint hearted. Hours are long and irregular, the work is often physically demanding and there are no fixed days off for the entire season, which can be up to 10 months of the year. But if the number of young South Africans that hire on year after year and re-apply to go back again, is anything to go by, then this is a job abroad with great potential. And they number in their hundreds.

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You have to be fit though and healthy too and are required to take a face-to-face interview and a drug test before the company can send you on to the next bit of the application process. However, once you have accomplished all of this and have applied for your work visa, then the employer in America pays for your flight and all costs of orientation through your SA based recruiter. And you are ready to join the Carnival and travel and work America at the same time!

Although you get your accommodation free, you are required to pay for your own food and leisure activities (if you have the time and energy for them) but the cost of living in the US is relatively low and there are many opportunities to save your dollars. Be warned though, only those who have a can-do attitude, are disciplined and responsible, make it and are asked to return for future seasons. It is also a prerequisite that you speak, understand and communicate in good English. Those that party too hard or are lazy and don’t have the right attitude to the work, will be asked to leave (worst-case scenario) or just not get asked back for the following season. American employers are hard taskmasters and blunt which can seem rude and offensive to some; but if you are up to the challenge, this job could change your life and you will get to see America like no one else could – and grow as a person at the same time.

Working and travelling in America via the carnival route is a popular choice where you can earn money and see the world. There are many ways to do it including teaching English to foreign students (TEFL or TESOL) or signing on as crew on a Cruise ship or on a luxury yacht. You could use skills you already have to pay your way as you travel like working as a photographer or writer for a travel magazine or even as a travelling Yoga instructor. If you are a skilled athlete or have a special talent of any sort, you can get work on the Summer Camps and work with young adults or children. However, it must be noted that most of these jobs require you to have prior experience and certain qualifications before you can do them and that could cost a fair bit.

Other jobs that require less skill but rely predominantly on looks and attitude are jobs like working as a Chalet girl/guy at Ski resorts. This is an entry-level position and your duties include cleaning rooms, cooking and serving food. Shifts are long, you will start early and end late but often you’ll get several hours off during the day to ski. Other responsibilities include hosting, looking after children, and administrative duties. You usually get your accommodation, food, a lift pass, ski hire, as well as flights to and from the resort provided.

The same goes for working as an au pair overseas. The main requirement for this is a love of children and the ability to live in a strange country with a new family for anything up to a year or more. You would need a Police clearance certificate and references if you choose to work with children but you get a wage and free accommodation and food. Some families will even pay for your return flight too.

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But what is the catch and is there one?

Working the hospitality route on resorts, guest farms and hotels also require some basic skills and preferably some kind of experience before you go – if you want to earn a decent wage that is. A pre-requisite wherever you go is the ability to work long hard hours and speak and understand good English. Obviously in a foreign country, it is advisable to learn a little bit of the language, but as many of the hotels and resorts cater to foreign guests, English is the main language required.

Other options for jobs overseas are working on farms or picking fruit during the harvest season. Often you will get accommodation and food as well as a small wage but these are seasonal jobs and might only last three months. And unless you have certain skills like having prior farming experience (three years minimum) or can drive a tractor or other heavy farming machinery and have a licence to prove it, you won’t be able to earn the big money until you have learned more or gained more experience.

There are so many choices and opportunities to travel abroad and work your way around the world. And for those of you with the determination and the right attitude, the world is literally at your feet just waiting for you to make that decision to go.

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Working for a traveling Carnival.

Depending on the available jobs and your personal qualities & strengths, you would fit into one or more of the following categories, namely: Rides, Maintenance, Food, Games, or Tickets. Most of the work in the United states includes operating exiting rides like roller coasters, big wheels, kiddies and other rides. It may also include working with food or working games. Read More.

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To whom it may concern: Firstly i just wanna say thanx to everyone at Away2Xplore for making it all possible. Working in America is by far one of the best experiences i have ever had and i learned alot from it, it really separate’s the boys from the men and even makes boys men.

Bongani Ndwandwe

Away2xplore arranged my job working for Rainbow Valley Rides Inc for the past two seasons.  My time at Rainbow Valley Rides in Amerika has been nothing short of amazing.   Everything about the company is awesome. The owners and bosses go out of there way to make sure everyone is having fun as well as working hard and enjoying there time in the USA.  It is a strict work environment but it is much fun as well.  Thank you Away2xplore, you are the best

Anton Nienaber

To Away2xplore Just a quick thank you for approving me to go back for my second year. I have no regrets. Mokhethi Malebesi, Edenvale
Mokhethi Malebesi

Hello Rachael, I have worked through Away2xplore in 2013 and 2014 and had a great time. North American Midway, Mid America unit is great. We work hard and I have traveled all over America again.
Praise Mkhabela

24 October 2011 Dear Rachel Well, my mom promised you that I would write a short note about my experience at North American Midway Entertainment this year,

Chris Coetzee

From Sabelo Ndlovo,....I would like to thank away2xplore and its staff for the exciting, challenging and priceless experience i have had for the past three years of my life. I started traveling through this company at the beginning of 2012, from the first day that i landed on American soil with my fellow South African compatriots up until my last day with North American Midway entertainment. It has been the most challenging and exciting thing i have ever done.  

Sabelo Ndlovo

Hi Tanja Just to let you know i am here and everything is fantastic, I love the people i work with and my job is fantastic. They are very very happy with me, we had a very good x mas and new year. Just want to say thank you for everything. Have a great new year. Kind Regards Jc Matthee
Jc Matthee

Away2xplore het ook baie drome bewaarheid. Dit is 'n agentskap wat onderhoude voer soos enige ander instansie en soms kwalifiseer party en ander nie en soms kwalifiseer party, maar daar is nie genoeg poste nie.

Retha Jacobs

September 9 at 1:44pm beste tyd gehad daar ! Away2xplore is voowaar n goeie agentskap! sou nou beslis my linkervoet gee om te kan teruggaan.  
Janille Ackerman

Nou net gehoor my seun, Jaco het n Midway Stars unit achievers award vir 2011 gekry! Dankie seun ek is so trots op jou. Lief jou mwah Nici Coetzee My son, Chris got one as well...also very proud of him.

Salome Beytell

May 6 at 8:35am Report More Rachael, ek is Nicolene Olivier se ma. Wil net vir julle almal van Away 2 Xplore groot dankie se vir die geleentheid wat jul ons kinders bied en die profesionele manier waarop jul als hanteer.

Madelein Welman


Ninnette Schoeman

Our son Jason Hermanus received an opportunity in a lifetime when he got selected to work at NAME through Away2Xplore . He left on the 6th March 2011 and will arrive back home to South Africa around the 24th Nov 2011.

Jason Hermanus


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