Work for the biggest Carnival in the world !

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Work for the biggest Carnival in the world !

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Work in America, or Canada !

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Face to face interviews, countrywide

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Job Interviews country wide, also near you !

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Proudly, Jobs Abroad !

Jobs abroad in America or Canada !

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Jobs abroad in America or Canada !

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19 to 29 and drug free ?

WORK OVERSEAS for South Africans, Employment USA
 English Language

Are you fit and healthy? Have you always yearned to travel and work in America or other countries and work abroad while you travel? Have you always wanted to do something completely different and stand out from the crowd? Well for a great many South Africans, this has become a reality. Every year, hundreds of young South Africans aged between 20 and 28, book their job interviews, fill in the application forms, and those that make the grade, pack their bags, grab their work visas and air tickets and head off to America to work the Carnival circuit for up to 10 months of the year.

The Carnival? A traveling amusement park? These days, the old stereotype of the great American Amusement Park is no longer true – there are no grubby ne’er do wells or criminals working there trying to keep a low profile, nor are the good ones crammed with dangerous rides, cheap toys or food and dodgy people out to make a quick buck. Not anymore. The hard working employees that keep these huge corporations going, are known as ‘carnies’ and have been working the carnival circuit since the early 1800’s. Some South Africans have even started calling themselves ‘Afri-carnies’. Many of the people who travel with the Carnival are permanent and hold positions passed down through their families. They travel from town to town over the long summer season with the carnival, rest over winter and return every year. They form the basic core but it is the young South Africans and other travellers or migrant workers from all over the world, eager to work and travel, who make up the rest of the staff. Established overseas recruitment agencies like Jobs-abroad and Away2Xplore with its head office based in Midrand, Gauteng, have placed thousands of young South Africans with US employers to work at these amazing places and have been doing so since 2002.

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And South Africans are in high demand by the American employers. Hard working, polite and game for anything, South Africans are heading over to the USA in droves. Out of many employees, you are likely to find that one third or more of them keep returning for more work in America from South Africa and they keep going back for more. But why?

The work can be demanding – both physically and mentally. You rarely get a full day off and are likely to work up to, or more than 16 hours a day. . You have to live in shared accommodation – probably with complete strangers unless you are very fortunate to be placed with your partner or friend. The work is hard and the pace can be gruelling, but if you can make it here, you can literally make it anywhere! The carnival employers follow a very strict schedule and need a willing, disciplined and flexible crew to make things run smoothly. Americans can be direct and are often perceived as rude, so those that don’t take offence easily do better than others that do. But once you are over your initial shock and probable home sickness, you can have an incredible experience and make lifelong friends.

So what is the attraction? Is it the money? Well that is certainly part of the allure. These young travellers earn up to US $330 a week or around SA R21 000 per month. The US Dollar is strong against the South African Rand so what might seem a meagre entry-level wage for unskilled work, from an American citizen’s point of view, is actually a good deal for a South African looking for an overseas work adventure. Food can be inexpensive but often shared between bunkmates which drops the cost.

The real attraction is legally working your way around America for almost a year visiting up 10 different states, and any number of small towns the Carnival stops at. On some routes, the Carnivals travel from Miami in the far South of America all the way to Calgary (and the world famous Stampede) in Canada. And for those lucky enough to have what it takes, your future employer funds and arranges your work permit, air tickets to and from America, domestic bus or airfare and your recruitment and orientation training expenses such as the overseas work program through your South African recruiter, Jobs-abroad supported through its mother company . The total value of package can be around R25 000 depending on where you go or for whom you work. So if you go there and you want to save money to bring back home, it is very possible to bring home up to R100 000 after a season.

However, the temptation to party as hard as you will be working is always there, and you might find that you haven’t saved quite as much as you had hoped to do at the end of the season. The choice is always yours! A word of caution: If you party too hard, you may not be welcome back to make up for wasted money the following year. The employers need disciplined crew that take their job seriously. They often won’t welcome back the big jollers who more often than not struggle to work with hangovers or too many late nights, which slows them down and gives them a bad attitude. This is unacceptable. You are there to work the American carnival circuit and are being paid to do so – so it is important you hold up your end of the bargain. The rewards for this hard work are immense.


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But what is the catch and is there one?

There isn’t really a catch at all if you intend to work hard and complete your contract. You have to be fairly fit and healthy and if you aren’t 100% in shape when you arrive, you certainly will be after the American carnival work season closes. You have to be able to communicate fluently in English, be ready to work very hard for an entire season, be polite and you have to be self-disciplined. American employers can be very demanding and verbally direct – more so than South African employers and will not tolerate drunkenness on site (it could be dangerous both to staff and visitors) or the use of drugs. In fact, it is a pre-requisite that all potential candidates take a medical drug test, either at a medical lab such as Lancet Du Buison or on site at the Recruitment agency, before they are even considered for the program. And there are regular random drug tests throughout the season in America too. All candidates must go through a rigorous face-to-face interview beforehand. The upside of this is that “IF” you are accepted, you will be placed in a job that best suits your personality and skills.

Once all of the potential issues have been dealt with, and the applicant is made aware of what is expected of them overseas; and has agreed to the conditions of the contract they must sign, then it is off to the US Consulate where you apply for your legal US working visa and after that…your sponsored flight tickets follow. And so the adventure begins…

The types of jobs you can experience – and you may request to do certain jobs you think you might prefer – are wide and varied. And because the staff community is of necessity, close-knit, you might get the chance to experience a variety of jobs – so don’t expect to be employed specifically to do only one job. With a carnival, its a case of ‘all hands on deck’ when it comes time to set it up or tear it down. This is very hard physical labour and the process is performed at high speed with great skill every time the carnival moves from one town to another en route to its final destination.

Most of the work in America on the carnival circuit involves operating rides – big ones. Rides like the Roller Coaster, the Ferris Wheels and the smaller ones aimed mostly at the younger children who visit the park. Working in America as a ride attendant or ride operator is very physical work but you get a lot of interaction with the public too.

Other jobs could be dealing with the public – calling them to visit your stall or game – to try their luck or to enjoy the goodies you are trying to sell. It would be a great advantage if you are an extrovert or fancy yourself as a bit of a showman in this particular job. Perhaps you are keen on food preparation and like dealing with the public. If so, you could work on the concession stands that make and sell cotton candy (or candyfloss as it is known in South Africa), hot dogs or hamburgers to the hungry public. You will learn how to make other delicacies like Funnel Cakes too. Not only would you be learning a new skill, but there is plenty of opportunity to meet people in this particular job.

Maybe you are more admin orientated, in which case, working the ticket sales or administration could be the ideal place for you.

Every week at each new location the carnival travels to, you will be working as a team with all the other ‘carnies’ helping to set up or tear down the rides and stands ready for the next show.

Whatever you do, you will experience the adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity to work and travel America having a lot of fun as you go, and earning money at the same time.

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Working for a traveling Carnival.

Depending on the available jobs and your personal qualities & strengths, you would fit into one or more of the following categories, namely: Rides, Maintenance, Food, Games, or Tickets. Most of the work in the United states includes operating exiting rides like roller coasters, big wheels, kiddies and other rides. It may also include working with food or working games. Read More.

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To whom it may concern: Firstly i just wanna say thanx to everyone at Away2Xplore for making it all possible. Working in America is by far one of the best experiences i have ever had and i learned alot from it, it really separate’s the boys from the men and even makes boys men.

Bongani Ndwandwe

Away2xplore arranged my job working for Rainbow Valley Rides Inc for the past two seasons.  My time at Rainbow Valley Rides in Amerika has been nothing short of amazing.   Everything about the company is awesome. The owners and bosses go out of there way to make sure everyone is having fun as well as working hard and enjoying there time in the USA.  It is a strict work environment but it is much fun as well.  Thank you Away2xplore, you are the best

Anton Nienaber

To Away2xplore Just a quick thank you for approving me to go back for my second year. I have no regrets. Mokhethi Malebesi, Edenvale
Mokhethi Malebesi

Hello Rachael, I have worked through Away2xplore in 2013 and 2014 and had a great time. North American Midway, Mid America unit is great. We work hard and I have traveled all over America again.
Praise Mkhabela

24 October 2011 Dear Rachel Well, my mom promised you that I would write a short note about my experience at North American Midway Entertainment this year,

Chris Coetzee

From Sabelo Ndlovo,....I would like to thank away2xplore and its staff for the exciting, challenging and priceless experience i have had for the past three years of my life. I started traveling through this company at the beginning of 2012, from the first day that i landed on American soil with my fellow South African compatriots up until my last day with North American Midway entertainment. It has been the most challenging and exciting thing i have ever done.  

Sabelo Ndlovo

Hi Tanja Just to let you know i am here and everything is fantastic, I love the people i work with and my job is fantastic. They are very very happy with me, we had a very good x mas and new year. Just want to say thank you for everything. Have a great new year. Kind Regards Jc Matthee
Jc Matthee

Away2xplore het ook baie drome bewaarheid. Dit is 'n agentskap wat onderhoude voer soos enige ander instansie en soms kwalifiseer party en ander nie en soms kwalifiseer party, maar daar is nie genoeg poste nie.

Retha Jacobs

September 9 at 1:44pm beste tyd gehad daar ! Away2xplore is voowaar n goeie agentskap! sou nou beslis my linkervoet gee om te kan teruggaan.  
Janille Ackerman

Nou net gehoor my seun, Jaco het n Midway Stars unit achievers award vir 2011 gekry! Dankie seun ek is so trots op jou. Lief jou mwah Nici Coetzee My son, Chris got one as well...also very proud of him.

Salome Beytell

May 6 at 8:35am Report More Rachael, ek is Nicolene Olivier se ma. Wil net vir julle almal van Away 2 Xplore groot dankie se vir die geleentheid wat jul ons kinders bied en die profesionele manier waarop jul als hanteer.

Madelein Welman


Ninnette Schoeman

Our son Jason Hermanus received an opportunity in a lifetime when he got selected to work at NAME through Away2Xplore . He left on the 6th March 2011 and will arrive back home to South Africa around the 24th Nov 2011.

Jason Hermanus


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